This is the series since the beginning of the lock-down in Berlin in March 2020.

The topic is about interpersonal distancing.

Two pairs of different sized shoes are cut out from the cloth, consisting of factory recycled material,

often used to protect furniture for transport or as floor cover while painting a wall.

The objets express various types of communication. The shoes are symbolic of people of different sex, age and social circumstances.

Fabric offers the opportunity to give this concept emotional expression, especially as this material is the medium of the social body.

"Dialogue#01" 2020, recycling cloth, thread, 11 x 225 x 100cm

"Dialogue#02" 2020, recycling cloth, thread, 150 x 220cm (fabric)

"Dialogue#03" 2021, recycling cloth, thread, 100 x 150cm (fabric)

"Dialogue#04" 2021, recycling cloth, thread, 150 x 220cm (fabric)