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at the Saroma Lakeside

29. Augusut.- 1. September in Hokkaido, Japan

a found plastic bottle, duster, embroidery thread

I found a plastic bottle at the Saroma lakeside which seemed like for a detergent, and written some words in Korean

slightly on the surface. I wondered the bottle had made a long journey before I got it.

* Saroma lake is separated from the Sea of Okhotsk by a 20 km-long sandbar (only 150-500m wide)

A narrow opening through the sandbar makes the lake water brackish with a normal chloride concentration

of 17 - 18%. The lake is mesotrophic, as indicated by a nomal transparency value of about 6 m, and is

known for various of aquaculture(oyster, scallop, smelt, laver, etc.).